About Us

RC Boxes stems from a need to protect the sails for racing sailboat yachts. We've seen all manner of protection from cardboard sleeves, plastic bags and wooden boxes. Wooden boxes work reasonably well but not everyone has the skills necessary to make them. Cardboard sleeves and plastic bags both suffer from the need to slide the sails and rigs in. 

We, Brian and Paul, are both very committed RC sailors and regularly sail all manner of boats and frequently need to transport and store rigs and sails. The prototyping process helped improve the design and we settled on Correx, plastic multiwall material, for the box in a tray and lid configuration with loose hook and loop straps to secure the box closed. We included suitable holes so that the box can easily be fitted with additional bungee cords to provide additional pressure to secure the rigs.

We are based in Wiltshire and are both members of the Cotswold Model Yacht Club and sail bot modern and vintage/classic sailboats.